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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing GMU

Social media has become an integral part of our society. Worldwide, we spend an average of two and a half hours a day on various social media platforms. And the place where people spend a lot of time is for your company the ideal place to be visible. Do you want to make social media part of your marketing strategy, but don't know how? At GMU we like to explore which strategy best suits your business and marketing goals.

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“Discover the potential of data and creative ideas with multichannel marketing”

Why advertise on social media?

Social media are deeply rooted in our daily routine. The enormous reach through Facebook and Instagram, for example, make social media the place to advertise.

Depending on your goals, the clever use of organic posts in combination with social ads ensures:

  • a boost in your brand awareness;
  • more engagement with your brand;
  • more high-quality website traffic;
  • more conversions like leads and sales;
  • a growth in loyalty among existing customers.

Social media marketing becomes an extra powerful service when used complementary to Google Ads or SEO. The synergy between the services ensures even better results and an optimal customer experience. People often think that advertising on social media is not profitable, while with the right application you can achieve a strong Return on Investment.

What is unique about social media marketing, is that you can target your potential customers very well, without them necessarily searching for you at that moment. Whereas SEO and SEA generally focus on a user's search query, on social media you can show content without requiring that search query.

Does your post also receive likes and shares? If so, that's a nice bonus. These engagement actions on social media also have a positive influence on your ranking in search engines. By increasing your involvement you also increase your online findability.

Which social media are best for my business?

The growing amount of social media can make you not see the forest for the trees. Each platform works differently and has a different target group. This can make it difficult for an entrepreneur to choose where to advertise. Together with you, our specialists will gladly look at which strategy best suits your company and goals.

Our social media specialists can help you advertise on the following platforms:

The importance of an inclusive marketing strategy

Together we are strong. Combining Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and SEO creates a dazzling synergy. By utilizing multiple disciplines, you are able to connect a user with your business at every key point in their customer journey. This ensures an overall better result from online marketing efforts.

What does working with GMU look like?

As mentioned earlier, a high ROI is indeed possible with advertising on social media. But in order to achieve good results, a number of things are important. We have categorized these into three key areas:

  • Relation
  • Strategy
  • Communication


We find it very important to get to know you and your company. We always aim for a long-term cooperation, so it is useful that we get along well with each other. By getting to know you and your company better, we are able to develop a strategy that fits your needs perfectly. So don't be alarmed if we overwhelm you with questions in the early stages of our collaboration.


The most important elements in determining and designing the strategy are the objectives and the budget. Then we agree on the content of the campaigns together. Conversions are achieved with a targeted message to the right target group at the right time. So if you want the campaigns to lead to conversions, we must be able to answer the questions:

  • What is the target group?
  • What is the right message?
  • What is the right moment?

Don't have an answer to these questions yet? We'll be happy to dig it out for you. Then we can get to work on creating suitable content and launching the campaigns. During the collaboration we will manage your campaigns and adjust them when we see new opportunities. This way we can respond to current events and trending topics and your ads will always remain relevant.


We are convinced that a partnership stands or falls with clear communication. By talking to each other at least once a month about strategy, results and expectations for the coming period, we get the best out of our collaboration. Depending on the budget and the chosen strategy, it is also possible to meet more often. Afterwards you will always receive the meeting minutes by email. This way we can always look back at what was discussed.

“Reach your customers in a highly targeted way, without them specifically looking for you”

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