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GMU as your Google Partner

GMU is a certified Google Partner with extensive experience and knowledge in Google Ads. This means that we are vetted by Google based on quality and knowledge. We meet all additional certification and performance requirements. That is why we are proud to have a Google Partner Badge!

Certified Google Partner

Do you want to outsource Google Ads? Then it's wise to choose a certified Google partner agency like GMU. As a Google Ads Partner we will take the work off your hands, so you can focus on your core business; entrepreneurship!

Not everyone can receive a Google Partner Badge just like that. You need to spend at least € 10,000 on advertising within a period of 90 days and deliver overall performance with strong growth, both in the customer base and in the business.

Google Ads Partner benefits

A Google Partner Badge is only given to agencies that actually deliver quality to their clients. In addition to authenticity, there are several benefits to working with a Google Ads Partner like GMU.

  • Google Ads analysts
  • Quality and profitability
  • Beta features
  • Short lines with Google
  • Certificates
  • Testing and innovation

Certified, up-to-date Google Ads analysts

As a Google Partner, we have certified Google Ads staff who manage client accounts. These Google certifications are obtained when an individual passes the Google exams. When you obtain a certification, you meet the requirements of Google.

Optimal quality and profitability of online campaigns

We have knowledge of all Ads expertises and use these applications in the most profitable way for clients. We specialize in excluding negative keywords, placing sitelinks in ads, managing ad extensions, split testing with Ads, creating ad schedules and much more.

First access to beta features

As a Google Ads Partner, we have access to all Google Beta features. This means that, when Google has developed new applications or features, Google Partners can test them out before it is available to the general public (there can be as much as a year's time in between).

Short communication lines with Google

Because we manage a lot of ad budget, we have faster lines of communication with Google. Problems are solved faster and more insightful through the Google Ads Help Center.

Certified Exams and Trainings

To use the Google Partner Badge, our employees must pass exams in Ads Fundamentals, Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Mobile Advertising.

Testing and innovation

We are encouraged by Google to perform innovative work. If we do not adhere to Google's standards, the Partner badge may be removed. As a result, we must adhere to the high standards of a Google Partner to maintain this partnership.

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