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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We are an online marketing agency specializing in SEO, or search engine optimization. Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur and struggling with online findability and lack of growth in your website traffic? If this rings a bell, rest assured. You've come to the right SEO agency!

The SEO specialists at GMU seek solutions for business owners who want to increase their online presence and website traffic. We have been doing this successfully for many years by applying search engine optimization.

Discover how you can reach your customers even better with SEO.

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What is SEO?

SEO, in full search engine optimization, is a collective term for various techniques. You can think of content writing, backlinks and technical SEO. These three elements are necessary for a website to rank high in the organic results of Google. These results can be found under the sponsored links.

Are you already on the first page of Google with keywords that fit your business? If not, you are missing out on valuable traffic. Search engine optimization is no hype, but an indispensable part of any online marketing plan. As an e-commerce company, you can no longer ignore it.

Don't know where to start with search engine optimization? Switch to GMU as your SEO agency and let our experienced specialists help you.

“SEO is like a good wine, it gets better with time”

What makes GMU unique?

Unlike a traditional SEO agency, we use our own software systems. We combine this software with our expertise, saving a lot of time that we can invest in your online marketing. In addition to our proprietary systems, the following makes us unique....

Dedicated SEO specialists

As SEO specialists at GMU, we have been doing our job with passion for many years. Every day we learn from each other, from our clients and immerse ourselves in the latest market developments. Our job is to make complicated SEO as simple as possible for our clients. As a client at GMU, you get two SEO specialists as your point of contact. Our team has a lot of knowledge and experience and also receives further training in-house. In addition to a SEO-technically sound text, we can also write a catchy story.

Personal contact

Every customer is unique to us. Personal attention is essential. At the start of the project we agree on how often you need to be in touch. Do you run into a problem in the meantime? Then we are here for you, even if it lies beyond our specialization. We always like to think along with you!

Reliability and transparency

Why be secretive about the way we work? We maintain complete transparency, so you can see how our efforts increase your online revenue. The effect of SEO is also measurable and we show this to you through various tools during our meetings.

Our SEO services

  • Research and strategy
  • Link building
  • Copy writing
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Keyword research and strategy

Our SEO specialists look for keywords that can improve your ranking within Google. We pay attention to unique opportunities to rise above your competitors. We do this not only by giving keywords better positions, but also by optimizing the customer journey on your website.

Link building

Link building is the creation of links from external websites that point to your website. Links to your website are very important to get at the top of Google's search results. Our specialists will determine the link building strategy with you, that will lead to a better Google ranking.


We specialize in writing strong, SEO-friendly copy for your website. By optimizing texts and adding new content to your website, we ensure that your ranking in Google improves.

Technical SEO

Besides writing good content, our SEO specialists can improve your Google ranking by optimizing the back-end of your website. For example, we can look at page speed and the lack of, for example, robots.txt or a sitemap. By solving these errors, it will be easier for Google to crawl your website, which will benefit your ranking.

Local SEO

Do you want to be easily found locally? We can help you improve your company's local ranking. We optimize your website so you can be found better locally. We do this for example by writing content on a geographical level and by updating your Google My Business page.

“We will SERP-rise you”

SEO strategies are always tailor-made at GMU

Any SEO strategy at GMU is customized. We set measurable and realistic goals for your website. A project with us can look like this:

  • We start with a keyword research, taking into account your wishes;
  • We write the perfect SEO text for your landing page(s), which conveys the right information to the visitor and fits the style of your website;
  • Using our tools, we look for websites that fall within your industry and who would like to write a blog about your website. This creates word-of-mouth advertising which increases the reach of your website further;
  • We take a close look at your website and see where the back-end of your website can be further optimized;
  • We analyze the results and keep you personally informed.

The effective application of SEO takes a lot of time and expertise and can not just be done on the side. Moreover, if you have not spent any time on it lately, then your competition may already be above you.

Looking for a SEO agency?

Are you interested in the points below? Then you will surely benefit from our services. We, as an experienced SEO agency, can help you with search engine optimization. Our specialists apply targeted SEO, so your website will rank higher in Google.

Create more online visibility.

Reach more potential customers.

Create more spare time to manage your own business.

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  • Why is SEO essential?
  • Why outsource SEO?

Why is SEO essential?

The top three organic search results in Google draw about 70% of the total traffic. So being visible in search engines like Google is hugely important. By effectively applying SEO to your website, your website can rank higher in Google. Results of this are more traffic, brand awareness and likely more sales.

Why outsource SEO?

Good SEO requires knowledge, attention and a lot of time. SEO specialists are busy optimizing web texts and the technical side of the website on a daily basis. They have acquired a great deal of knowledge about how to apply the best techniques successfully. An SEO agency consistently applies SEO to your website according to the latest trends.