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Development Secondment

Image Development Secondment

Is your company short on software developers for an IT project? Then choose specialized support from GMU. Enjoy the benefits of a complete in-house IT team, including a scrum master or project leader and at least two developers.

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In need of software developers? Put IT professionals in their power

If you need (extra) software developers, but would rather not employ them yourself, then secondment is a suitable solution. It's possible to 'hire' experts from GMU. You will get a personal team that is fully dedicated to your project and share inspiration, knowledge and responsibilities. You will have at least a scrum master or project leader and two developers of your choice, possible from 0.5 FTE and for a minimum of 6 months.

Algorithms, databases, API connections, front-ends and so on; there are often numerous fields of expertise and programming languages needed within an IT project. Our Development Secondment catches this for you and puts everyone in their power. We assign the right specialist to each development phase throughout the process. So no worries about a project getting stuck, because multiple developers can alternate. In an emergency or if the project needs a different expertise after some time.

“Your project arranged from A to Z”

Advantages of secondment

  • Fast and expert staff
  • A fresh perspective
  • Fewer risks
  • Lower net costs

Fast and expert staff

The recruitment and selection of expert developers is time-consuming. In addition, during a development project you often need several disciplines (software developers). With secondment you can enjoy the advantages and avoid the troubles, since there is a complete team ready to start, regardless of the stage of the assignment.

Many seconded software developers can provide a fresh look at the project. They were often closely involved in multiple development projects simultaneously and are therefore less tied to a certain working method. There is a good chance that you will gain valuable knowledge and ideas that will benefit your company.

Fewer risks

Thanks to secondment you run fewer risks, because you work with an experienced and trained team. You also have more flexibility, because the seconded developer is not employed by you. In addition, you always have the possibility to scale up when a final deadline is in danger of not being met.

Lower net costs

Because we always put the right developer on the right task thanks to our wide range of software developers, we save up to 70 percent time on read-in and start-up time. We can mostly get to work immediately, hands-on.

How does it work?

Among other things, we second

Professional development

  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • Full Stack developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • PHP developer
  • API developer
  • Javascript developer
  • Vue.js / React developer
  • Wordpress developer

Project manager
Scrum master

Enterprise development

  • Web app developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • iOS app developer
  • Android app developer
  • AWS developer
  • Google developer
  • Amazon developer
  • Facebook developer
  • E-commerce developer
  • SQL developer
  • C# / .net developer
  • Python developer

Project manager
Scrum master

Highly specialized development

  • Web3 developer
  • Blockchain developer
  • Ethereum developer
  • Quant developer
  • Big data developer
  • Machine learning developer
  • Algorithm developer
  • AI developer

Project manager
Scrum master

Want to be part of our IT team?

Are you a programmer and do you enjoy working in a dedicated development team? We are always looking for new colleagues. Send us an open application and who knows, you might be next!

Working at GMU means, for you as a software developer, that you work collectively and in a comfortable environment on several challenging projects. Because of this you will quickly gain a lot of experience and you will learn to use the latest techniques effectively.

We ensure

  • Happy developers
  • Top-notch software
  • Training & the latest techniques
  • Scrum & agile software development
  • Github libraries
  • Weekly game nights with pizza
  • Daily backups of your work
  • Scrum tools
  • A comfortable workplace
  • A Super fast laptop
  • The combined strength of a complete software development department
“Always in control of your project with Development Secondment”

Team spirit

Proactive developers

Top-notch quality

Knowledge sharing

At GMU, we believe that a positive work atmosphere and inspiration are the key success factors for software development. With our secondment formula, we always encourage satisfaction from both the client and our 20+ software developers and engineers. We make sure that your IT projects are always properly staffed, finished on time and completed with utmost quality.

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