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Google Ads

Google Ads GMU

Do you want to generate more website traffic and conversions? Then Search Engine Advertising through Google Ads is one of the fastest ways. With our SEA service, your digital marketing becomes powerful, relevant and sustainably profitable. We help you deploy effective online advertising campaigns and optimize them to perfection.

Discover how you can reach your customers even better with Google Ads.

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What is SEA?

If you have your sights set on online advertising, then Search Engine Advertising is indispensable. Every day, billions of search queries take place on the Internet. The advertising program Google Ads (formerly AdWords) gives you, the entrepreneur, the opportunity to respond with specific ads using relevant keywords.

Although SEA and SEO differ only in one letter, the approach behind both disciplines is certainly not the same. Where search engine optimization focuses on organic traffic and often has a long-term effect, search engine advertising allows you to expand the reach of your website much faster and at a budget of your choice. You can easily combine the two for an even greater effect.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads allows you to set up targeted ad campaigns based on keywords. This works through an auction system for advertisers. We place bids within your budget on certain keywords, on which you can be found by potential customers in the search engine.

The competition does the same, which together determines the cost per click (CPC) for an ad. These ads then appear at the top of Google's search results, making your landing page, product or service instantly visible.

And Google Shopping?

Google Shopping, which runs on Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Services), is part of Google Ads. If you are looking for a product, you will find Shopping ads next to News, Images and Maps and sometimes in the regular search results. This system works with a product feed instead of keywords, consisting of a picture, description and some attributes.

Google Shopping can help you enormously in putting your product range in the spotlights. So if you want to promote products online, think about outsourcing SEA to GMU.

Why leave Google Ads to GMU?

Wereldwijd vinden er elke dag miljarden online zoekopdrachten plaats. Door hierop in te spelen met unieke avertenties, zorg jij dat je opvalt bij jouw doelgroep. Google Ads geeft je hierin veel controle.

Klinkt misschien eenvoudig, maar niet iedereen beschikt over de juiste kennis en strategisch inzicht om dit tot een succes te maken. Je moet met veel zaken rekening houden. Welke zoekwoorden leveren de minste concurrentie op? Welke zorgen voor de hoogste Click-Through Rate? Welke andere metrics zijn belangrijk om bij te houden? Geen zorgen, hier zijn wij voor.

Jouw voordeel als je SEA afneemt bij GMU: simpelweg meer rendement uit je eigen website. Onze Google Ads specialisten creëren winstgevende campagnes op een schaalbare manier. De werkwijze is daarnaast gestoeld op drie pijlers: transparantie, innovatie en een persoonlijke aanpak passend bij jouw onderneming.

Samen maken we er een succesverhaal van. Dat betekent meer zichtbaarheid in Google, meer verkeer op je website en als kers op de taart meer conversies. Maar dan kosteneffectief!

“"The right ad at the right time and the right place"”

How does GMU operate?

Compared to traditional marketing agencies, we take a different method. One that is made possible by the seamless combination of our own expertise and in-house software development. We generate effective ads, made possible in part by our own systems, and adjust the campaigns based on monthly analyses and conversations with the entrepreneur. Our marketers also work closely with developers, which enables us to remain continuously innovative and on top of the game.

Is cost effective marketing that maximizes your profit important to you? Then we speak the same language. We keep a close eye on ad spend in Google Ads and can quickly adjust it when necessary, or when new opportunities arise. We aim for the highest return achievable and do so at the lowest possible cost.

This is what you can expect from our SEA specialists:

  • You will have an intake with a marketing strategist, where we get to know each other and map out, for example, the expectations and what you and your company stand for;
  • We carry out an analysis to discover the potential of our collaboration and do a keyword research;
  • We agree on a start-up period, during which we will set up the campaign and ask you questions;
  • We will have a meeting once a month - possibly more often - to discuss progress and gather input from you in order to optimize the campaigns.
“A personal approach suited to your business”

Grow together with GMU through Google Ads?

Put your website in the spotlight quickly and effectively with Search Engine Advertising, or combine it with our other services. Our marketers are qualified and know their trade like no other, underlined by the fact that GMU belongs to the Google Partners program.

We are happy to let the benefits of SEA speak for themselves, should you have any doubts. Please contact us and we will first look at the possibilities together.

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