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In need of a marketing strategy?

Every e-commerce company needs a strong and coherent marketing strategy based on its unique selling point in order to remain successful in the long term. Do you need advice and the support of an experienced digital marketing agency?

Discover how you can reach your customers in a better way with SEO, Google Ads, social media, link building, development or a combination of these services.

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A watertight marketing plan with our free analysis

Practically all entrepreneurs have a clear goal in mind, no doubt you do too. But which path leads there, is often more difficult. Do you spend a large part of your budget on online ads without actually getting any conversions? Have you figured out what your target audience is really looking for and how to get in their presence? All these questions and more can be answered in detail with a modern marketing agency at your side.

For years, GMU has been successfully taking care of the online marketing campaigns of companies active in all kinds of sectors. Think of webshops for clothing, personal care products, hospitality, events and recruitment. Regardless of the sector in which our clients operate, we firmly believe in the power of a unique, customised campaign plan.

With the advice resulting from our analysis, we pave the way for you. So you can focus on realising your digital ambitions and you no longer dream about keyword research, backlink profiles, key performance indicators and other marketing metrics. We are happy to explain more about our departments below!

“Together we create the perfect synergy within your marketing strategy”

Google Ads

With Google Ads advertising, you attract the attention of your target group in a quick and effective way. This is done by targeting very specific keywords that expose the needs of the customer and by making attractive ads for your company, product or service. As soon as they appear at the top of the Google search results, you will certainly notice!

Search Engine Optimization

Another way to become visible in Google's search results is with Search Engine Optimisation. Organic website visitors, who do not end up on your website through advertisements, still make up a very large part of the total traffic. Improve your page loading speed, optimise the right content and more to rank as high as possible.


A part of SEO that deserves extra focus is link building. By collecting as many qualitative backlinks, i.e. hyperlinks from reliable sources, you send Google a signal that your website contains valuable content. And Google rewards this with a better keyword ranking in its search results. Do not underestimate the power of a strong backlink profile!

Social Media Ads

Influencers, hashtags, stories, reels; we are of course talking about social media. It is also the place where half the world spends several hours a day online. Reason for you as an entrepreneur to show your best side here as well. Social media marketing now offers mature business models that can make (the brand awareness of) your company grow exponentially. GMU knows all about it and is happy to help you in this area too!


Sometimes a website or online project requires a lot of technical and coding knowledge. With the specialised developers and scrum masters of GMU you get the benefits of a full team. Flexible, expert knowledge and experience and shared responsibilities between the IT professionals; we take care of you from A to Z with our development secondment.

“We are strategic, technical, creative and driven to get the most out of your digital marketing.”

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