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Would you like your website to rank better in Google's search results? You can achieve this through SEO. If you have time to spare, you can ofcourse do it yourself. There are a number of tasks that you can do without too much SEO knowledge to improve the position of your website in Google. Use these handy do-it-yourself tips to improve your website's organic rankings.

Tip 1: Creat an SEO plan

SEO is essential for an e-commerce business. Scoring on Google is not entirely easy though. So remember that when you start doing SEO, it is goint to take time. Therefore, schedule SEO moment every week. The first step in creating an SEO plan is mapping keywords.

Mapping out keywords

Once you know what keywords you want to be found on and what keywords your target audience uses, you can link the keywords to all the important pages on your website. In addition, you can create new pages for high-value keywords that do not yet match any existing pages on your website. You can easily keep track of all this in a spreadsheet.

Competitive analysis

We also recommend researching your SEO competitors. These are the websites that are on the first page of Google for the keywords you want to focus on. See what your competitors write about and how they structure their websites (e.g. which pages are linked and how do visitors find what they are looking for?) and thake this for inspiration for your own website.

Incorporate all the information into an SEO plan and work with it during regular SEO moments!

Tip 2: Write good content for your website

The second tip is to write good content for the pages that you want to rank on. Make sure you make use of the right keywords in your texts. It is also of importance that the written texts are easy to read. In the texts you can, for example, give information about your product range, specifics of the products, your USPs, etc.

Setting up a new keyword rich section in the form of a blog or educational portal on your website can also help with the ranking of your website. Create and optimize content on your website regularly. You don't have to publish a new blog post or other content every other day; that's unrealistic for many e-commerce entrepreneurs. But remember that consistency is key. Read more about how to write good SEO copy in our blog on SEO content.

Tip 3: Provide unique metadata

Metadata refers to the meta title and meta description that you can enter in your CMS system. This title and description (if properly drafted) are displayed in Google's organic search results.


When you provide a good description that meets the allowed number of characters, it is usually reproduced verbatim in the search results. So this data is a way to attract customers to your website. Therefore, make sure you have a good inviting text and that the most important keywords are included in the title and description.

In our blog on metadata we explain more about this topic and provide tips on how to write the best metadata.

Tip 4: Add alt tags to the images

Add alt tags to your images to make them readable for Google. Many CMS systems allow you to add an alt tag when you upload an image. In the alt tag you put a description of the image. Using the alt tag makes it possible to give the crawlers of the search engines more information about the content of an image. This way, visually impaired visitors who use a screen reader can also understand what it says.

Tip 5: Provide links to your website

Link building is an essential part of SEO. Generating quality and relevant links to your website helps to improve your findability. Why is this important? For example, think of an external link as a vote for your website. The more votes you get, the more important you will come across. As a result your website will appear higher in Google's search results. Read more about this topic in our blog on link building.

Need help?

Don't wait too long! Start today with implementing the above tips. Would you rather get help with your SEO strategy, or do you have little time and want to outsource SEO completely? Please feel free to contact us. Our SEO team can help you out.